• Market-Oriented Dairy Sri Lanka

    Empowering Dairy Business


    The Government of Sri Lanka has placed a renewed emphasis on strengthening the dairy sector to reach self-sufficiency as consumers begin to increase their demand for dairy products. At present the country only produces between 30 and 40 percent of its annual milk needs. IESC, the project's implementing partner, has identified the barriers to increasing productivity and quality, taking into account the varying environments and contexts throughout the country, and has developed solutions, in consultation with dairy sector stakeholders, for the implementation of the MOD Project.


    The approach takes into consideration commercial viability, public sector engagement, evidence-based solutions and sustainability.


    To strengthen Sri Lanka’s dairy sector towards achieving self-sufficiency in fresh milk production


    1. Increase fresh milk production

    2. Improve productivity

    3. Improve milk quality


    • Improve availability of quality input and services to dairy farmers
    • Introduction of best practices in dairy farm operations and management
    • Improve quality standards and hygienic best practices at all levels of dairy farming, collection and transport
    • Facilitate meeting of buyers, sellers, and input suppliers, as well as service providers along the dairy value chain through use of ICT and mobile technology
    • Increase access to financing and investment in the dairy sector
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