• Project Interventions

    Six activities are designed to address the needs and expectations of diverse stakeholder groups tackling the industry’s most challenging problems. These interventions are expected to drive a positive change for the industry and deliver results which are of national significance in terms of its contribution to the health and prosperity of the country’s citizens.


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    Activity 1

    Livestock Extension Agents and Services Capacity Building

    to strengthen the ecosystem of agricultural extension services reaching dairy farmers to increase dairy productivity

    Training on best practices for productivity

    Improve artificial insemination services

    Develop and roll-out mobile extension services

    Dairy farming as a business

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    Activity 2

    Develop Input Suppliers

    to increase the amount of inputs (including quality animals, fodder, and silage) available for dairy farmers​

    Assist formalization of breeder programs targeting medium and large scale farms

    Develop private input retail operations

    Develop fodder and silage enterprises

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    Activity 3

    Leverage Public and/or Private Investment and Financial Services

    to increase investment in Sri Lanka’s dairy sector, both through the establishment of an investment fund and by providing assistance to financial institutions to encourage lending in the dairy

    Dairy investment fund

    Increase financial institutions interest to lend to dairy sector

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    Activity 4

    Facilitate Buyer-Seller Relationships​

    to facilitate relationships between buyers and sellers of inputs in the dairy sector, as well as to develop market linkages for dairy farmers seeking to move from the informal sector to the formal sector

    Develop and implement mobile applications to facilitate exchange of inputs

    Connect informal producers to formal markets

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    Activity 5

    Milk Quality Standards Training​

    to improve the quality and safety of milk produced through training of farmers and collection center managers, increase demand for safe milk at the local level, and introduce new market-based incentives for meeting quality standards

    Training on best practices in milk quality

    Quality and safety campaigns for consumers

    Quality based payments for milk producers

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    Activity 6

    Trade Association Capacity Building​

    to strengthen the nascent trade association by strengthening the organization to become self sustaining and developing the capacities of the stakeholders to be able to address key issues facing the sector

    Strengthening All Island Dairy Association